644B Premium Microfibre Cloths Blue 270gsm 40cmx40cm x10

  • Premium microfibre cloths, super thick
  • Extra large in size, a massive 40cmx40cm
  • Available in six colours

Hydi microfibre cloths are perfect for all kinds of cleaning. In each cloth, thousands of microscopic fibres trap dust and dirt in these amazing cloths, meaning you need less water and no cleaning fluid. They can be washed over and over again at up to 90ºC but please don’t use fabric softener as this will stop the microfibres from working. Available in six different colours and all cloths are 40cmx40cm with a fabric weight of 270gsm, Hydi microfibre cloths are packed 10 cloths per polybag and 20 polybags per outer carton.

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