Tiboo 3Ply Quilted Premium Toilet Rolls 40 Pack

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Every second, almost one football field’s worth of forest is lost and up to a million trees felled every day just for toilet paper. We didn’t want to be part of this problem, instead we wanted to be the solution so we produce our toilet rolls with sugarcane fibre.

Sugarcane has a remarkable story, when the cane is matured it’s cut and sent to the mill and then pressed for its sugar juice. This juice is then turned into the sugar that we use daily, however this then left the remaining bagasse and cane as a waste product which used to be burned but now we collect this waste and turn it into luxury toilet paper for the world.

These wonderfully super soft strong toilet rolls are made with extra large 3ply sheets and a generous 20 metres of gorgeous toilet tissue per roll. They dissolve quicker than traditional toilet paper and will never block because they break down in only 4 seconds.

Wrapped around recycled cardboard cores and individually wrapped in attractive kraft paper with a choice of three colours, delivery is in 100% recycled cardboard cartons and delivered free with super fast carbon neutral shipping.