1010C Quintaflo Numatic 3B Compatible Bags Hepa Flo 7×10

  • High performance micro filtration
  • Strong five layer construction
  • Solid fitted collar for a secure hygienic fit
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70 x Premium Quality Hepa Flo Dust Bags For Numatic 3B(30 Ltr) Vacuum Cleaner
Original Code -604017

Carton of 70 (7X10) compatible five layer microfibre bags for your Numatic 3B vacuum cleaner. Quintaflo high performance bags are thick, durable, waterproof, dustproof and much better than your standard paper version.

Product Features:
High performance micro filtration
Strong five layer construction
Thick solid fitment collar for a secure fit

Use only high performance Quintaflo bags for secure, no mess, no leakage cleaning.

140gsm thick, thickest and most durable bag for sale anywhere.

Fits models:

Numatic Model 470 & 570 Machines NV450, NV470, NV475, WV450, WV470, NV500, NVQ570, NV570, NV572, NVDQ572, NVD572, NVD570-2, NV575, NVD575, NVQ570, NVQ570-22, NVDQ570-2, WV470, WV570, WV570-2, WVD570-2, WVD570, HZ470, HZQ570-2, HZDQ570-2, HZD570, HZ570, NVQ570-22, NQS470, NQS570, NQS572, NQS570-2.